David Bell

David Bell, legal scholar, legal and religious history in New Brunswick
University of New Brunswick

It was the late George Rawlyk of Queen's University who forced David Bell to start paying attention that most hackneyed subject, the New Brunswick Loyalists. In time the graduate paper Rawlyk compelled him to write -- "The Origin and Suppression of Political Dissent in Early Loyalist Saint John" – became EARLY LOYALIST SAINT JOHN (1983). Given awards of merit from the Canadian Historical Association and the American Association for State and Local History, its second edition is (still) making a near-glacial progress towards print. Professor Bell has also published papers or books on the 18th-century Maritime religion (Newlight and Anglican) and on the history of the legal profession. More recently he wrote up some terrific material on the rise and decline of female preaching in the 19th century and a pair of papers on Amerindian entitlement as conceptualized by 19th and 20th-century Maritime intellectuals. Currently he is assembling a documentary history of Anglicanism in New Brunswick, 1780s - 1940s.

Email: dbell@unb.ca