Robert L. Dallison

Robert L. Dallison, researcher and exhibit-coordinator, Loyalist regiments and military campaigns of American Revolution

Robert L. Dallison is a graduate of the Royal Military College with a BA in History, and the University of British Columbia with a BA in History and International Studies. After 35 years service with the Canadian Army, he retired as a lieutenant colonel. Then he was the general manager for a decade of King`s Landing Historical Settlement, a living history site portraying the Loyalist settlement in the St John River Valley of New Brunswick. In 2008, he developed a permanent Loyalist exhibit for the York-Sunbury Museum. Dallison has a particular interest in the Loyalist regiments and the military campaigns of the revolutionary period. In 2003 he published Hope Restored - The American
Revolution and the Founding of New Brunswick (Fredericton: Goose Lane, 2003).