Wallace Hale

Wallace Hale, local historian, collector and digitizer of sources on Loyalists and Carleton County, New Brunswick
Woodstock, New Brunswick

Wallace Hale was born at Woodstock a tad over 73 years ago, his background mainly in law enforcement. He published the Early New Brunswick Probate Records 1785-1835 and Queens County Marriages 1812-1861, the latter now long out of print, and the status of the former uncertain. Hale also digitized, in HTML format, a number of out of print reference works -- Hannay's History of New Brunswick, Miller's History of Upper Woodstock, Baird's Seventy Years of New Brunswick Life, Pleydell's Field Fortifications, Jones' History of New York During the Revolutionary War, Sabine's Loyalists of the American Revolution, and a few other such volumes, and released them on a series of CDs under his "Fort Havoc" series. His area of interest has diminished to the point where he is concentrating mostly on Carleton County, emphasis on the Woodstock area. Wallace Hale's collection has been donated to the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick.

Email: fort.havoc@gmail.com