Chantal Richard

Chantal Richard, literary scholar, Loyalist discourse, textual analysis, University of New Brunswick

Chantal Richard has a background in French and English literature with a particular interest in Maritime authors. Constantly attracted to languages and cultures in contact, Chantal chose to focus on multilingual Canadian novels (where more than one language is present within the same novel) for her doctoral thesis at l’Université de Moncton. During that time she also spent years compiling the speeches of the Acadian Conventions (to be published in three volumes), analyzing discourse and learning the discipline of computer-aided textual analysis. She is presently focusing on a comparative analysis of Loyalist and Acadian discourse at the turn of the 20th century
in the Atlantic Provinces. Of particular interest to her are the development of a collective identity largely based on past events, the Loyalist Centennial of 1883 and 150th in 1933 as well as other Loyalist discourse and commemorative events of this era.