Stephen Davidson

Stephen Davidson, educator, writer of adult and children`s books, black Loyalists, women Loyalists
Halifax, Nova Scotia

Stephen Davidson's interest in Black Loyalist history has been life-long. His bachelor's thesis, entitled The Leaders of the Black Baptist Church of Nova Scotia, 1782-1832, resulted in his contributing a clergyman's biography to The Dictionary of Canadian Biography. In 1976, Davidson designed the education kit that accompanied the New Brunswick Museum's first travelling exhibit, The Spirit of the Windships. In 2000, he introduced Historica Fairs to the students of the Halifax Regional School Board. As a member of the research team for the University of New Brunswick`s loyalist websites for schoolchildren, he contributed biographies for both black and female loyalists. Davidson had his first loyalist history book, The Burdens of Loyalty, published in 2007, followed by Letters for Elly, a young adult novel set in the loyalist era. His research later determined the identity of New Brunswick's first black loyalists. Since 2006, Davidson has been a regular contributor to the weekly e-newsletter, Loyalist Trails. The August/September 2008 issue of The Beaver Magazine featured his article on the passengers on the first ship to bring loyalist refugees to New Brunswick. R.E.A.L.: The Canadian Kids Magazine will publish
Davidson's story about black loyalists in its February 2010 issue.