Janet E. Mullin

Janet E. Mullin, historian, leisure culture
University of New Brunswick

Janet E. Mullin is a proud descendant of United Empire Loyalists and a recent PhD graduate of the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton. She is currently a stipend lecturer at UNB and St. Thomas University, where she teaches European social and intellectual history. Her research interests lie with the leisure culture of the long eighteenth century, particularly the amusements of the emerging middle classes. Although her doctoral research and published work has to date been centred on card play in England, her preliminary enquiries reveal striking similarities between English and North American sociabilities. At least on the surface, the middling and upper echelons of pre-Revolutionary America and the Loyalist diaspora enjoyed many of the same games as their English connections, in very similar social situations. Dr. Mullin is eager to explore the leisure culture of Loyalist Canada, and looks forward to the innovations of the Loyalist network as it evolves.

Email: mullinj@unb.ca