Contributors to the LRN include:

Thomas B. Allen, author and editor of adult and children`s books, contributor to National Geographic
Bethseda, Maryland

Jerry Bannister, historian, Atlantic World, loyalism in British America
Dalhousie University

David Bell, legal scholar, legal and religious history in New Brunswick
University of New Brunswick

Marion Beyea, provincial archivist and director, Loyalist history in New Brunswick
Provincial Archives of New Brunswick

David W. Black, archaeologist, Loyalist homestead on Bliss Islands, New Brunswick
University of New Brunswick

Todd Braisted, author/researcher, Loyalist military studies

Rebecca Brannon, historian, early America, Loyalist reintegration into US, aging in the 18th Century

Darrell Butler, manager of heritage resources, chief curator, material historian
King's Landing Historical Settlement

Barry Cahill, researcher, legal history and religious history, history of slavery
Public Archives of Nova Scotia

Gary Campbell, graduate student, military history, American Revolution, Maine/New Brunswick border controversy
University of New Brunswick

Kelly K. Chaves, graduate student, colonial America, maritime history, aboriginal history
University of New Brunswick

George Elliott Clarke, poet, playwright, novelist, literary critic, black Loyalists
University of Toronto

Aaron N. Coleman, historian, early America, Loyalists reintegration, Treaty of Peace, American constitutional and political history
University of the Cumberlands

Margaret Conrad, historian, Maritime Loyalists, Planters
University of New Brunswick

Katie Cottreau-Robins, archaeologist, slavery in British America, loyalism in British America, loyalist ideology and the cultural landscape
Nova Scotia Museum and Dalhousie University

Robert Dallison, researcher and exhibit-coordinator, Loyalist regiments and military campaigns of American Revolution
York-Sunbury Museum

Stephen Davidson, educator, writer of adult and children`s books, black Loyalists, women Loyalists
Halifax, Nova Scotia

Gwendolyn Davies, literary scholar, Maritime literature, women Loyalists
University of New Brunswick

Joseph R. Gainey, independent researcher in South Carolina, Anglican clergy after the American Revolution, Loyalist Charles Woodmason (missionary to Upstate South Carolina)

Wallace Hale, local historian, collector and digitizer of sources on Loyalists and Carleton County, New Brunswick
Woodstock, New Brunswick

Kathryn Hilder, creator of The Loyalist Collection, designer and author of The Loyalist Collection Inventory, researcher of Loyalist regiments

Gary Hughes, curator of history and technology, material culture
New Brunswick Museum

Bonnie Huskins, historian, Loyalist sociability, family and gender, diary analysis
University of New Brunswick

Stephen Kimber, journalist, history of Shelburne, Nova Scotia
University of King's College

James S. Leamon, historian, Loyalists in Maine
Bates College

John Leroux, architect, Loyalist architecture
Fredericton, New Brunswick

Elizabeth Mancke, historian, Atlantic history, British world, early modern geopolitical history
University of Akron

Greg Marquis, historian, aboriginal history, Loyalist tradition
University of New Brunswick

Keith Mason, historian, colonial America, comparative slavery, Atlantic world
University of Liverpool

Christopher F. Minty, historian, colonial and imperial New York, New York Loyalists, political culture, community
Massachusetts Historical Society

Janet Mullin, historian, leisure culture
University of New Brunswick

Peter Pacey, educator, performer, heritage interpreter
Fredericton, New Brunswick

George Parker, literary scholar, history of the book
Royal Military College

Stephen Patterson, historian, aboriginal and political history
University of New Brunswick

Jim Phillips, legal historian, history of Loyalist judges
University of Toronto

Geoffrey Plank, British empire, Atlantic World
University of Cincinatti

John G. Reid, historian, native-imperial relations
St. Mary's University

Chantal Richard, literary scholar, Loyalist discourse, textual analysis
University of New Brunswick

Liam Riordan, colonial America, American Revolution, Revolutionary Loyalism, Atlantic World history
University of Maine

Anette Ruppel Rodrigues, Hessian soldiers during the American Revolutionary War
Independent Scholar

Daniel Samson, historian, rural history
Brock University

Scott W. See, historian, ethnicity and violence, borderlands
University of Maine

Rose Staples, genealogist, Loyalist and pre-Loyalist ancestors in New Brunswick
Maple Ridge, New Brunswick

Kent Thompson, writer, playwright
Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia

Carole W. Troxler, historian, Loyalist migrants from the Carolinas and Georgia
Elon University, North Carolina

Elizabeth Vibert, historian, colonial identities in Nova Scotia, black refugees
University of Victoria

Nancy Vogan, music historian, singing schools and tunebooks
Mount Allison University

James W. St. G. Walker, historian, black Loyalists
University of Waterloo

Peter W. Walker, PhD candidate, religion and loyalism, British empire
Columbia University

Harvey Amani Whitfield, historian, black migration to the Maritimes, British Atlantic World
University of Vermont