James S. Leamon

James S. Leamon, historian, Loyalists in Maine
Bates College

James S. Leamon received his PhD from Brown University. He is currently Professor Emeritus at Bates College. His main research interest focuses on Maine in the American Revolution. Relevant publications include "Revolution Downeast: The War for American Independence in Maine" (1993); Co-editor with Charles Clark and Karen Bowden, and contributor, "Maine in the Early Republic" (1988);contributor, "Creating Portland," ed., Joseph Conforti (2005); contributor, "In Debt to Shays: The Bicentennial of an Agrarian Revolution," ed., Robert A. Gross (1986). His current research is on Reverend Jacob Bailey, a Maine Loyalist. Relevant publications on this topic include "Jacob Bailey and the Ladies," Dublin Seminar for New England Folklife, Annual Proceedings, 2006/2007, pp. 139-148; "The Parson, the Parson's Wife, and the Coming of the Revolution to Pownalborough (Dresden), Maine," The New England Quarterly, LXXXII, No. 3 (September 2009): pp. 514-525. In progress is a book length manuscript tentatively titled, "For God, King, Country, and for Self: Rev. Jacob Bailey, Maine Loyalist."

Email: jleamon@bates.edu