Keith Mason

Keith Mason, historian, colonial America, comparative slavery, Atlantic world

Keith Mason is a member of the History department at the University of Liverpool,
England, where he teaches in the areas of early American history, comparative slavery,
and the wider Atlantic world. He is currently working on two books: Revolution and
Civil War in the British Atlantic, 1750-1815
(Blackwell) and Slaveries and
Emancipations in the Atlantic World: Haiti, the British Caribbean, and North America

(Manchester University Press). He is the author of 'The American Loyalist diaspora and
the reconfiguration of the British Atlantic world,' in E. Gould & P. Onuf (eds.),
Empire and nation: the American Revolution in the Atlantic world (Baltimore, 2005), pp.
23-54 and has published articles on loyalism and disaffection in the revolutionary
Chesapeake as well as on the Virginia loyalist, James Parker. More recently he
presented a paper on 'The problem of American loyalist identity in the revolutionary
Atlantic world' at the University of Maine 2009 conference.