Archives and Repositories

The Loyalist Collection
The University of New Brunswick is indisputably the world leader in research resources relating to the Loyalist diaspora. The Harriet Irving Library houses the largest collection of Loyalist Papers in Canada, consisting of more than 650 separate record collections, 3400 microfilm reels, and 700 microfiche. Many of the records are family papers that chronicle the Loyalist refugee experience throughout the North Atlantic world.
The Atlantic Canada Virtual Archives
The Atlantic Canada Virtual Archives contains primary source material relating to the Atlantic Provinces. Three of these collections relate directly to the history of the Loyalists in the Maritimes:
  • Black Loyalists in New Brunswick, 1783-1854

    This collection is constructed around more than 70 petitions, housed in the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick, concerning land grants to African Americans, who experienced great difficulty in securing the land promised to them before they left the United States to settle in the Maritimes.

  • Loyalist Women in New Brunswick, 1783-1827

    This collection features the letters and other primary documents relating to Loyalist women, including three generations of women in the family of Edward and Mary Winslow, who settled in New Brunswick in 1785.

  • The Edward Winslow Letters, 1783-1785

    This collection features the correspondence of Loyalist Edward Winslow and his family.

The On-Line Institute for Advanced Loyalist Studies
This site is primarily devoted to military research, genealogy, and living history (reenactments). Military links include lists of regiments, regimental histories, muster rolls, orderly books, courts martial, materials related to regular soldiers and the civil branches, spies and intelligence, clothing and supplies, and claims and memorials. There are also a number of links which are useful to genealogists: a list of the major repositories for genealogical research, property confiscations, post-war settlement patterns, church records, and under development a link to sources on Loyalist women. There are also internet links, suggested readings, and message boards.
The Provincial Archives of New Brunswick
The provincial archives contains government records, family records and genealogical sources, newspapers and many other sources of interest to Loyalist scholars.
The New Brunswick Museum
The provincial museum houses many Loyalist sources in its research library and archives, as well as in its collections. It also sponsors a couple of virtual exhibits that may be of interest to Loyalist scholars: "On Guard: Militaria from the NBM Collection" and "Vanity and Virtue: Women`s Dress from Nineteenth-Century New Brunswick".
The York-Sunbury Museum
This museum, located in Fredericton, sponsors programs and exhibits on the history of central New Brunswick. It currently features an exhibit on Fredericton`s Loyalists. The York-Sunbury Museum also publishes a periodical entitled The Officers' Quarters.
The Nova Scotia Archives
The provincial archives contains many government records, family histories and other sources of interest to the Loyalist scholar. Of particular interest is the virtual archives based on the papers of Loyalist Gideon White of Shelburne, Nova Scotia. Also, a number of Loyalist-era newspapers from Shelburne have been digitized.
Archives PEI
This site contains government records, family histories and other sources of interst to Loyalist scholars.
The W.O. Raymond Collection
This collection, housed at the L.P. Fisher Library in Woodstock, New Brunswick, contains a number of items from the the Reverend W.O. Raymond`s personal library, as well as many local items from Carleton County
The Shelburne County Archives and Genealogical Society
This archives contains many sources of use to Loyalist scholars, including church and cemetery records, deeds and probate documents, information on heritage properties, records from the community of Birchtown (a community of black Loyalists), and many secondary sources on the Loyalists.
The Shelburne County Museum
Besides housing various Loyalist artifacts, the Shelburne County Museum also sponsors a virtual exhibit:“The Loyalist Link: the Forest and the Sea”, part of Community Memories series
The Fort Havoc Archives
This website, initially maintained by local Woodstock historian Wallace Hale and now hosted by the NB Provincial Archives, is devoted to providing access to historical sources on the American Revolution and on the history of New Brunswick (particularly Carleton County).
King’s Landing Historical Settlement
This historical settlement in New Brunswick represents rural life in the Saint John River Valley from the Loyalist era to the late Victorian period. It also contains many artifacts of interest to the Loyalist scholar.
Loyalist House
This Georgian house in Saint John, New Brunswick, is a National Heritage Site. It was originally owned by the Merritt family and built in 1817.
Library and Archives Canada
This site is for those who want to search the database for the National Archives of Canada.
Archives Canada
This site will allow you to search multiple repositories across Canada.
Eighteenth-Century Databases
For general searching in the 18th century. Includes primary documents.