Liam Riordan

Liam Riordan, colonial America, American Revolution, Revolutionary Loyalism, Atlantic World history
University of Maine

Liam Riordan is Associate Professor in the Department of History at the University of Maine in Orono. He obtained his PhD at the University of Pennsylvania in 1996. His dissertation was subsequently published as a monograph in 2007: Many Identities, One Nation: The American Revolution and its Legacy in the Mid-Atlantic (University of Pennsylvania Press).

Other publications include "`The Complexion of my Country': The German as `Other' in Colonial Pennsylvania," in Colin Calloway et. al. eds., Germans and Indians: Fantasies, Encounters and Projections (University of Nebraska Press, 2002); "Passing as Black/Passing as Christian: African-Amerixan Religious Autonomy in Early Republican Delaware," in Nicholas Canny et. el. eds., Empire, Society, and Labor: Essays in Honor of Richard S. Dunn, special issue of Pennsylvania History (Summer 1997); "Identity and the American Revolution: Everyday Life and Crisis in Three Delaware River Towns," Pennsylvania History, 64 (Winter 1997): Review essay on Simon Durling ed., The Cultural Studies Reader (Routledge, 1993), and Lawrence Grossberg et. al. eds., Cultural Studies (Routledge, 1992), in William and Mary Quarterly, 52 (July 1995).

Forthcoming publications include: "Is there an `Urban History' of the American Revolutionary City?," review essay for Journal of Urban History; "Loyalism," in Atlantic History, Oxford Bibliographies Online (http:, Summer 2011); co-editor of anthology The Loyal Atlantic: Remaking the British Atlantic in the Revolutionary Era (University of Toronto Press, fall 2011), and c-author of opening chapter "Loyalism and the British Atlantic, 1660-1840"; "Taufscheine and Pennsylvania Germans in Revolutionary America: Cultural History and the Interpretation of Identity," in Oliver Scheiding et. al. ed., `A Particular Mixtures': German-Speaking People in the Greater Mid-Atlantic Region from 1709 to the Revolution (Pennsylvania State University Press, fall 2010).

Works in progress:"Conservative Poetics & Transatlantic Revolution: Jonathan Odell's Struggle Against Chaos"; and "Loyalism and the Revolutionary Atlantic World", a book-length comparative study of five Loyalists who lived in far-flung corners of the Atlantic World.

Dr. Riordan has delivered many conference papers and invited lectures. He was also the organizer of the "Loyalism and the Revolutionary Atlantic World" conference at the University of Maine in 2009, and teaches courses on early America, the American Revolution, Revolutionary Loyalism, colonial British North America, and colonial Latin America.