Aaron N. Coleman

Aaron N. Coleman, historian, early America, Loyalists reintegration, Treaty of Peace, American constitutional and political history
University of the Cumberlands

Aaron N. Coleman is an associate professor of history and higher education at the University of the Cumberlands. He received his PhD from the University of Kentucky in 2008. Dr. Coleman’s first book, The American Revolution, State Sovereignty, and the American Constitutional Settlement, 1765-1800, will be released in February, 2016 by Lexington Books. In this work, he argues that State Sovereignty was the primary feature of the American constitutional order. One of the chapters of the books focuses heavily on the issue of Loyalist reintegration and the American reception to the 1783 Treaty of Peace. His dissertation, “Loyalists in War, Americans in Peace: The Reintegration of the Loyalists, 1775-1800,” examined the process of Loyalist reintegration. Dr. Coleman argued that reintegration was predominantly socio-legal process that occurred in relatively brief span of time. Dr. Coleman has published an article on the American debates over the Treaty of Peace and Loyalist reintegration and is contributing an article on Loyalist reintegration a process of transitional justice in a volume honoring Robert M. Calhoon. Dr. Coleman is currently working on an edited collection of primary sources on federalism as well as a biography of North Carolina statesman, Thomas Burke.

Email: Nathan.Coleman@ucumberlands.edu