Thomas B. Allen

Thomas B. Allen, author and editor of adult and children`s books, contributor to National Geographic
Bethseda, Maryland

Thomas B. Allen is an author and editor whose work ranges from writing articles for National Geographic Magazine to writing and editing books on a variety of subjects. Allen’s latest book, Mr. Lincoln’s High-Tech War, a children’s book (ages 10 to 14) on the Civil War, is written in collaboration with his writer-son Roger MacBride Allen. Another recent book, published jointly by the National Geographic Society and the International Spy Museum, is Declassified: 50 Secret Documents that Changed History. His work-in-progress is an adult book on Loyalists in the American Revolution for Harper/Smithsonian. Allen is the co-author, with Paul Dickson, of The Bonus Army: An American Epic, the story of the ill-fated World War I veterans who marched on Washington in 1932 and were driven out by Army troops under command of General Douglas MacArthur. The book was named as the Spring 2005 History Top Ten by the History Channel and Book Sense, an association of independent U.S. booksellers. The Los Angeles Times called the book “a haunting, compellingly written and marvelously researched book” and “an important contribution to American history.”