Welcome to the Loyalist Research Network

The Loyalist Research Network (LRN) brings together individuals who are interested in the history and legacy of the Loyalists, refugees of the American Revolutionary War, who resettled in the late 18th century in the Maritime region of Canada (present-day New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island). The LRN includes a diverse membership of academics, archivists, journalists, independent researchers, librarians, museum curators, and students.

At the LRN’s inaugural meeting at the King’s Landing Historical Settlement in New Brunswick in the summer of 2008, participants helped to craft the main objectives of the network, which are:

  • to facilitate research on the Loyalists and the Loyalist era in Maritime Canada
  • to act as a vehicle of communication between members and the general public.

To support communication and research, this website features links to the research biographies of LRN members; to news items such as upcoming conferences, exhibits and publications; to the Loyalist Collection at the University of New Brunswick, which houses the largest collection of Loyalist papers in the world; and to a selection of primary and secondary sources on Loyalist history. Please feel free to peruse our site.